Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2013

Celebrating Nepalese Social Entrepreneurs



 Venture: Tamakoshi Community Resin & Turpentine Pvt. Ltd.

 Sector: Forestry

 Location: Manthali – 5, Ramechaap (Janakpur)

 Contact: 9854 040 509, 9754 203 171,

 Growth Cycle: Toddler (1-5 years of operation)


An example of a combined effort from community and a private entity, this venture was established by private individuals and members of community forest user groups. This venture works to extract, collect and sell resin from pine tree sap, using the revenue to uplift the local marginalized communities.

The venture has a production of about two hundred thousand kilograms per year and the earnings from its sales goes to forest conservation, supporting the marginalized local community and the remaining is utilized for other community development activities.


Resin being collected from a tree; Local women transport the collected resin

After its success, similar models have been replicated in community forests in Ramechhaap for Lokta paper production. The venture is planning to acquire and start its own processing center to reduce the cost of having to transport and process resin at other centers, which would then increase income for the communities.

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